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Two Years Five Months

Two Years Five Months! Ouh my God ! That was awesome . I have been together with my lovely Sayang for 2y5m ! :) Ermmm Alhamdulillah . Ihope it will come more longer and till we get officially married :) Yes my love for him now growing up more and more . He totally changed now . :) And i love for that changes . 2y5m its not a short time ok . Maybe for those fellow thought it only a short time BUT for me and him it such a long and hard time for us . We have to take care about our relationship properly to avoid some ATTAgirls or ATTAboys ruin it :). Ermmm we're not celebrating or doing some special things because we only celebrate it when it become a year . Yeah, It looks more sweet i think :) 
Sayang, i love you ok . Thanks for all your kindness, your concerned, your attention , your satisfied and everthing :) I won't forget about it even a small nice thing :) You're everything for me as long as i breath in this world :) . My love for you will be forever and nothings gonna change my love for you :)
again, I LOVE YOU !

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