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100 Things About Lyn Marzuki :)

If I tagged you, that means I want to know more about you :)

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 100 Truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. Tagged means "I'm interested in knowing what are your 100 truths".

Tagged from Apple Fadila !

1. Real name: Norazleenawati Binti Marzuki

2. Nickname(s): Lyn , Mucux, in, gondey (4 family)

3. Zodiac Sign: Taurus

4. Male or female: Female

5.Elementary School: SK St.Theresa, SK Seri Permai

6. High School: SMK Raja Tun Uda
SMK Perempuan Jalan Ipoh

7. College: Not yet.

8. Hair color: Light brown

9. Tall or short: Tall

11. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans

12. Phone or Camera: Can I choose both ? heheheh 

13. Health freak: Yes . 

14. Orange or Apple: Orange

15. Do you have a crush on someone?: Yes of course . He is my boyfie

16. Eat or Drink: Eat Eat , I love to eat !

17. Piercings: No No . I dont really like it .

18. Pepsi or Coke : Dislike both but I prefer Pepsi .


19. Been in an airplane: No but I really wish too !

20. Been in a relationship: Of course YES , haha. Only 5 times with 5 guys since February 2006

21. Been in a car accident: No and I hope it never gonna happen on me . amin..

22. Been in prison?: Never !


23. First piercing: No , OK !

24. First best friend: Siti Zulaiha as known as Julit Sulaiman and Nurshafiqah and yeah we are still contact to each other except Shafiqah . Ouh where she is ?? 

25. First award: Standard 2 , Full attendant and Nilam . 

26. First crush: ermmmmm I think Asyur Anwar . hehe But we're only a friend now and no more crush to him .

27. First word : hot


29. Last person you talked to in person: my mother

30. Last person you texted: fatin umairah 

31. Last person you watched a movie with: Garlock Sham . Ngangkung

32. Last food you ate: Nasi Lemak 

33. Last movie you watched: Ngangkung with my lovely hubby

34. Last song you listened to: Big Girl by Emilia

35. Last thing you bought : Magazine and food Mc'd

36. Last person you hugged: myself

37.Favorite Food: Western food and Fast food yeah !

38. Drink: soya and ice tea

39. Bottoms: More to short ! getting so hot lately :) 

40. Flower: hahaha I'm not a flower girl tho

41. Animal : I love CAT !!! Miss my gapyl :(

42. Colors:purple black and blue

43. Movies: romance and funny movies

44. Subjects: English and Bahasa


(Put an X in the brackets if yes)

45.[X]fell in love with someone.

46.[ ]celebrated Halloween.

47.[X]had your heart broken.

48.[X]went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone.

49.[X]had someone question my sexual orientation.

51.[ ]got pregnant.

52.[ ]had an abortion.

53.[X]did something I regret.

54.[X]broke a promise.

55.[X]hid a secret.

56.[X]pretended to be happy.

57.[X ]met someone who changed your life.

58.[X]pretended to be sick.

59.[ ]left the country.

60.[X ]tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it.

61.[X]cried over the silliest thing.

62.[X ]ran a mile.

63.[ ]went to the beach with your best friend.

64.[X]got into an argument with your friends.

65.[X]hated someone.

66.[]stayed single for 2 years

67. Eating: I love to eat so its shouldnt be a problem to me 

68. Drinking: anything, as long as its not alcoholic.

69. Listening: once again, romance . ;)

70. Sitting/Laying: Laying .

71. Plans for today: Going to Pet shop and looking for a cat MAYBE and I'm working at night shift !

72. Waiting: to be rich and getting married hahahahahahahahahahah


73. Want kids?: Sure ! 1 boy and 1 girl please :)

74. Want to get married?: YES .. i hope i can fulfill my dream of settling down at the age of 25 with my soul mate . insyaAllah

75. Career: I hope I can be a lawyer but I dont think so . So I hope I can be a great worker 

76 Lips or eyes: Eyes :) They said my eyes is just like a cat and very very SEPET hohohohoh

77. Shorter or taller: Taller .Its more better

78. Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic ! 

81. Hook-up or relationship : relationship ! Its wonderful !

82. Looks or personality: Personality. 


83. Lost glasses/contacts: No No . I took a good care of my lens

86. Killed somebody: I wished I could too

87. Broken someone's heart : yup .. plenty of times.

88. Been in love: haha.Yes . Too many time and I am so tired

89. Cried when someone died: Yes. i'm a snstive prson. i'm easily touched .


90. Yourself: YES OF COURSE . Its all about myself !

91. Miracles: Yes.

92. Love at first sight: No because it didnt promise anything

93. Heaven: yes . all are stated in the Holy Quran.

94. Santa Clause: hahaha I dont think so . Show me the real SC 1st !

95.Sex on the first date: Na na na

96. Kiss on the first date: No


97. Is there one person you want to be with right now:  YES 

98. Do you know who your real friends are:  Ermmm I can't answer this question . Nowadays, its hard for me to believe such thing

99. Do you believe in God: i'm a muslim, n i believe in Allah

100. Post as 100 truths?: YES YES

Thanks for your reading,please leave your feedback or comments

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