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Back To School !

Today was the first day of school for the year 2011, kinda not believe this day all my friends, my sisters would go to school today. And and I was like "WHAT?! I have no need to go to school anymore?!" Actually, this is the second year I will not to go to school again, not again and EVER!! How does not believe that I do not have to go to school again. I really miss my days of school days, missed school friends, teachers in schools especially my teachers who taught me. I miss the atmosphere in school, the atmosphere of the school yard and everythingCanteen is one of my favorite places that I frequently visit each morning and during break time. Ouh, all that is till this day I can not forget and everything is so beautiful. First YES, I admit that I really hate to go to school when I became a teenager and my heart just thinking about FUN. HELLO, I am very interested to learn but after I moved to a new school in Kuala Lumpur, my heart and enthusiasm for the new school has faded and slowly disappeared. Speaking about it, it does not have the slightest to do with anyone and not one person, all this happened on my own. Maybe it was because of my past life. When I was in Form 5, I became lazy to go to school, the more hate to go to school. My heart AGAIN just want FUN. Finally, my conclusion is school and I successfully obtained a quite brilliant. I'm proud of myself, thought not as good as the number ONE student in school, at least I managed to out down as people who do not have a life stance. And finally with my pride I to get out of school. And now I'm going to really miss school, miss new uniform, miss new shoes, missed classes and my classmates. I realized what I had dreamed of this, probably not long for this to play back the first time. Therefore, I should accept this reality and try to find themselves a better life. BUT, I will never forget the day even if my school days I have long been neglected.. I LOVE MY SCHOOL


To my sisters and my friends who started the school day today, I hope you all learn to persevere, strive to be good and competent students. Do not disappoint expectations of your parents. They all want the best of you. I pray and I hope you all can follow your day to day learning and successfully complete in order to obtain results. GOOD LUCK BABES

Welcome Back To School !

With lots of love,
Lyn Marzuki.

*sorry with my broken English*
*I'm learning okey*

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