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So, today is a happy day for me and my boyfie because this day has been proven for ♥ ♥TWO YEARS AND TEN MONTHS ♥ ♥we been in love and loving each other. There is no other word I can say other than THANKS for having extended the life we love to this day. I am very thankful and grateful because ALLAH gave me the opportunity to be with people that I really loved. Two Years and Ten Months, yeahh I've gone through a lot with him. Sad and happy together, laughed and cried together, quarrel, misunderstanding and dispute together and also the problems of life that come and go. Even if it all happened, I really grateful that we still can be together and happy always. Yeahh, sometimes we quarrel, misunderstanding about something, but thanks to our patience, we can solve them without frowned or vindictive. For me, ♥ ♥TWO YEARS AND TEN MONTHS ♥ ♥ has been quite meaningful for me because I learned a lot about what is LOVE and affection from a man by the name of love. If for some it is a short time, but not for me bacause I'm through with ups and downs and only me and he knows everything. I love him so much because he was making myself happy and always cheerful and always protecting me where I was. I'm hard to feel lonely when I'm next to him. I'm hard to feel sad when he was in front of me. I'm hard to feel bad when he is always giving me words of encouragement. He was a very understanding myself, although sometimes he annoyed me but he always took care of me.

Peoples always say we do not match, we are not fit together as lovers, and is not suitable in all aspects, but it does not directly undermine or destroy our relationship even more thankful that we are still together. Those who still say so, I begging you to stop, because it does not bring any good to you okey. And its not working at all. Yes, he is a bit shorter than me, but I do not mind at all. Why should there be stories?? Keep your privacy first before you want to say about others.

Sayang, thank you for life along with me up till today and I hope it stays forever. I love you because you really make me feel what love is. I do not care what peoples want to talk about us because we do not talk of it and we can't shut up their mouth to keep saying but for sure we know what exactly happened. There is no use if we continue to depressed with what peoples say. They're just jealous of us. Whatever happens remember the promises ok. Ouh man, How can not believe this day is already  ♥ ♥TWO YEARS AND TEN MONTHS ♥ ♥of us together. Do you believe it sayang? HAHAHAH I know you did not believe it. BUT, BELIEVE IT ! It really is TRUE!

Oklah, till here first, my notes about my love life story. I hope I can write the story of my love again after this. To all, I hope you pray for the happiness of my life with him. I really love him with my whole life. I hope HE is my first, last and only man in my life . Amin..... ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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