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Reunion Of 5 Tekun Year 2009

This is a reunion for former students 5 Tekun class of 2009.. Reunion has been planned by Chew yee, red cheeks! HAHAHA Not everyone who attended this reunion, but still smooth and very enjoyable. Thanks to all who are present and willing to spend some time with this little reunion
 May you always be happy and I hope you can achieve your goal ! 
With Love, LYN MARZUKI ♥

Cake yg dibeli oleh Lyn dan Ekin !

Yummy !

Tidak ramai tp best !

Kakak and adik -,-

see i toljeahhh
kakak and adek -,-

dengan kakak skema kita pada suatu masa dahulu
ini lah Sook Yee, pelajar yg sentiasa dapat No 1 dlm kelas

Thanks for your reading,please leave your feedback or comments

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