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Be strong Lyn Marzuki

Lyn Marzuki, in this life, not everyone can accept ourselves. In this mortal world, everyone has a different attitude, no matter whether male or female, ALL DIFFERENT. You do not need to think about the people who really hate you or have envy of yourself. Let them continue to bear a grudge if it is more worth to them. People like that just be like those who live a life without a mission and just let their life in vain..When we keep quiet or leave it, does not mean we are afraid or give up! I'm just lazy to entertain and I want to stand as a more mature person in my life. This is because for me, if we become a mature, more people will respect us even just a little. Ouh yes !  Yes, I will let what them would like to say about me because I did not feel a little disturbed by their words. In Fact, I'm more excited because I have always been self-boasting of others. Yes, Its really annoying me, but I do not care. My parents always said, as long as we entertain the foolish, we would be more stupid than foolish. People are always with free speech must always overshadowed by their insidious attitude.. YA, I'm sure at this time that fellow was actively involved following my blog to know more about my personal development. HAHAHA go and proceed , I don't even care about it at all. I'm more happy because apparently I was always watched by the people around me especially my own ENEMY :)

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