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I'm scared

How does it feel when we lose someone we love and miss so often? How we handle life without them? Are we stronger? After many years we lived with them and suddenly they were no longer in this mortal world with us? I always see those who lost their love and I like can't imagine what will happen to them later, if they still cannot accept this reality.. Do I have enough ready? And my answer is NO! Day by day we are growing old and getting older. The people around me also facing the same situation. I was so scared and still not strong enough to face the reality of life that everyone will leave this mortal world and will be facing GOD.

I love the people around me especially my mom, dad siblings, my friends who always with me when they are happy or sad and also my beloved boyfriend. I can't face it that I'm gonna lose them soon . Oh God, Please help me ! Give me strength to live my life wisely ! Preserve their lives too ! 

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