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Babes, I want to share stories with other bloggers, today as you know I have attended Workshops Driving Theory. Ermm What is more sad, I'm attending alone! Okey, Okey forget about it. After the workshop, all of us headed towards the cafe. Yes, I was alone because Garlock was still in a test computer. Aww, guess what? The things have been encouraging me, I got a new friend who really cute, friendly, nice and really SeKEPALA HAHAHA . Her name is Izrinda Sazlini . I'm very grateful to have met a good friend like her. She is also in the process of taking a car license as I am, and she comes from Klang, Andalas. A lot of things we talked! We begin about the driving classes up to the school in the past. We also ate chips in cafe togather. So sweet. I hope after this I still can meet her at the Metro Driving School again! 

Iz :)
Babe, I hope you managed to continue studying in MASKOM course . Hahah and one more things, Get a Xperia X8 soon okey! :p :p IMISSYOU


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