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Xperia X8 2.1 cool huh !

I have started using this phone on Tuesday, 5th April 2011. Well, Sony Ericsson? *Blinking eyes* HAHAHA Before this, I never use the Sony Ericsson because I lack interest in carrying. So, why now I use it? Ermmm ermmm because I saw my lovely boyfie use it and it looks really great and interesting so yeah! Then, I think to have it and want the same as boyfie.. WHAT? Ya ya I am so JEALOUS of my boyfie because he has a great mobile phone and for sure babe I don't want to lose . So I was trying to raise money to have this phone! *dengki gila*
And now I'm proud to have been able to have this phone . Cool huh? All settings specified by boyfie. He is managing evrything.. awesome ! So, now look at how long I can use this phone.
**Blink Blink**

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