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Fast & Furious 5 AWESOME !

Yesterday, I was watching the mid-night movie with Garlock, Anabella Tiara and Bonzer . I want to tell that the movie Fast & Furious 5 was a great movie, the action is steady, powerful and guys it should be watched by everyone! I give 5 stars and yeah WELL DONE, because it is a film that left a deep impression on me ! HAHAHA But, yeah I'm wondering because when will MALAYSIA be able to make an action movie like this? Damn super fuckin awesome!

Before the movie start, four of us chillin at Al-Rasta Khemah, Penchala, TTDI. Wow, the place so nice and more to relaxing while got shisha and Western Food! We having our relaxing there while enjoyed our dinner. Thai Fried Rice was my food choices. While Garlock choose chicken rice. Anabella and her Bonzer enjoyed Pattaya Fried Rice and Tomyam :) Approximately, one hour were there. Then, we move to One Utama. 

YES, I really enjoyed the night although I have to work on tomorrow . Thanks a lot to Anabella and her Bonzer. Okey, at 3:30am I arrived home, and then sleep . At 7:30am already awake and ready to go to work. NOW, I feel very sleepy at work . LOL

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