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Happy Mothers Day MAMA !

She was a strong mother. She was a good mother and loving. She is a hard working mother, even though she had reached the age of 50 years old. She is a single mother who is willing to endure all those words that I am not willing to listen. All reprimands, accusations, slander and all the things that people go to her, she was willing to swallow and receive with a calm heart. Although she was alone, she is not lonely because her children still love her and put her in every way. She is also a mother who was always gentle with her children.

I love you mama! Thanks because I have been blessed with a very good mom, loving, fantastic and the best part is... my mom is sporting ! Thank you infinitely to my mom, because being a lot of patience with my temperament, as well as patient with my attitude and much patience with all of what I do. Okey, as we know my mom's name is CHE NORA BINTI ISMAIL and I only have one mother in this world. No sleepers and no one can replace her place ! I mean it! Mama, Thanks with all the love that was poured out to our four siblings.. We appreciate all the sacrifices from you mama untill the end of our lives. YOU'RE EVERYTHING TO US ! :) 


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