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Hello, Hai Wassup ! Aha pointless!

Okay, I was a bit awkward to start telling me in this blog . Again, I hadn't write mine for a long time . Where should I start ? Ermm, lately, a lot of things happening in my life . Complicate things, things that bothers my mind, good things, things that hurt me (MUCH!), my mood is damn damaging and things what saddens me . Argghhhh 

Ya, okey I know life is not always beautiful . Sometimes we sad, sometimes we enjoy, sometimes we are everything and the awkward is when sometimes we like NOTHING ! @,@ 
Life pretty fun so yeah ! We as a human, we have to know how to play the role . We have to fight, we have to be brave enough to face it . Okey Lyn , Stop it . -,-

Yes, for now I'm feel so sad ! Recently, a friend of mine who I also consider my adopted daddy, has returned to her homeland in the Philippines because he had completed his work in Malaysia. I think, about a year he lived in Malaysia, where he staying at a hotel where I work . Yes, he had given special rate for his room because he staying more than one month . You guys know what, every day I meet him before he went to work because he will leave his room key at the counter . If only when I was on morning shift so ya . Sometimes I bought breakfast meal for him either Nasi Lemak or just Kuih ! HAHAHA In Return, when he coming back from workplace in the evening, he will bought me a can of soft drink or sweet corn ! We being so friendly and ages is not an issue . His old is around 50+ but we can easily be friendly because his heart is like a young man :) HAHAHAAA Oh man, I missed him ready!

How can I describe him to show that he is a good man . Ya he was a good man, good looking man, prudent, well-spoken and humble. He was very respectful person . He was one of my most hotel guest that not difficult and not fussy so yah ! He is an easy-care, easy to make friends and also not taking advantage of others.

I am deeply miss him . Although he is a stranger who came from abroad, but I still respect him and also give priority to what he needed because he was alone here and it is my duty as well as hotel staff to care for him . Am I right ? HAHAHA 

He promised me he would always come to Malaysia to visit me and also will bring his family to Malaysia to meet me. He also promised to attend my wedding! Ya I hope he fulfilled his promise to me. Each of those present would have to go . All that say Hello, will be saying Goodbye as well . 

And, I should allow this separation although its killing me . Ya, we exchanged our phone number and our hommiee address ! Nah, don't be so touched Lyn . I still can online and chatting with him through Facebook and email . Nothing to worry at all . Go Lyn Go . 

Speaking of that, ermmm you guys know what . I met my old friend back when I was standard 5 . She is Ms. Sharvena! We met in Facebook . I wanna cry because she was among my friends that I thought I could not see again. I'm so grateful to ALLAH because I still have a chance to meet her. She was a good friend and she was my first friend when I first entered the school . She's an Indian. That is the wisdom that ALLAH gave to me . I lost a friend but not long after that I was given back a friend that I've been looking for a long time . THANK YOU and ALHAMDULILLAH..

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