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How should I start ? LOL Okay, I want to apologize for taking too long not updating this blog . In fact, I'd feel awkward now because I feel that this blog does not seem to accept me again . My last post was in Dec 2012 . Now, June 2013 . Wow, almost five months I have not touched this blog . So sad .

However, there is nothing interesting change in my life . It's just, I now have grown up and I'm already 21 years old . Hoyeah ! Hoyeah ! I am also now a fiancée . I was safely engaged with Izman Khairul Bin Shamsuddin on Dec 16 2013 in Penang . Cool huh ? 

Emm what else ? Ouh ya, I just finished a vacation with LAFIAN'S FAMILY in Pulau Perhentian. I was on vacation for 3 days and 2 nightsc. The place is beautiful and very suitable for those who love the beach . 

Perhentian Island 




Well, I stop here first . Sorry if this post is too short and looks like a real mess . I will try to update to the next . 

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